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What Is Reimagine Homeschooling?


Homeschooling allows you the freedom to revolutionize your family. You can create the family life you've always dreamed of through homeschooling. Whatever you imagined homeschooling to be like, throw those thoughts away and start reimagining what homeschooling could look like for YOUR family. It can look however you want it to look! You can develop your child's inner genius while also nourishing your own soul and your family's well-being. It all coincides beautifully together. Have you always wanted to travel, start a business, or spend more quality time with those you love? Homeschooling allows you the opportunity to do the things you've always desired!

And we are here to help you utilize homeschooling to create the life for your family that you've always dreamed of. Whether you need help getting started OR you are already homeschooling and need to be poured into so you can go and pour into your children each day, Reimagine Homeschooling will provide you the the expertise, encouragement, support, resources, and community to make your dreams a reality.



FREE Family Vision Statement Workshop

Whether you're a new or veteran homeschooler, you absolutely NEED to have a Vision Statement for your family + homeschool. It will be your north star as you homeschool. Get our Vision Statement Worksheet complete with our instructional video on why you need one and how to fill it out for FREE when you subscribe to our mailing list.



What We Offer

How To Homeschool Course

Everything You Need To Set Up Your Homeschool In Your State


Are you wanting to homeschool, but do not know the steps you need to take? Is homeschooling confusing to you? Do you just want someone to walk you through what you need to do? Then this is the course for you! Not only will this course equip you to set up your homeschool per your state's guidelines, but it will also walk you through curriculum planning, the various homeschool methods and models, how to find community, how to incorporate your child's gifts and talents, college, transcripts and record keeping, homeschool protection, and continued growth.



  • All You Need To Know To Get Started
  • Easy To Follow Deep Dive
  • Vision Statement Creation
  • 8 Steps To Set Up Your Homeschool In Your State
  • Take Action Slides With 7 Page Worksheet Included To Record Your Action Steps and Set Up Your Homeschool
  • 2 Hour Video Instruction With Links to All Resources Referenced

MEMBERSHIP in the RH Family

All The Tools You Need To Successfully Homeschool Your Children


Are you new to homeschooling and need community, resources, and support? Or have you been homeschooling for awhile and find yourself waking up wondering how you are going to get through the day? Stop desperately searching for encouraging podcasts or blogs to give you the pick-me-up you need. Instead, become a member of an incredible homeschool community where you will have access to expert homeschoolers and get your questions answered on our weekly coaching calls. You will be poured into and lifted up so you can pour into your kids!



  • Weekly Group Coaching Call
  • Private Homeschool Forum
  • Homeschool + Parenting Resources
  • Support Through Every Stage
  • Access to Expert Homeschoolers
  • Accountability Pods

8 Week Homeschool Mastery Program

 Intensive Coaching by Application Only


Are you committed to making a change in your family's life through homeschooling? Do you want to revolutionize your home life, family, parenting, and your relationship with your children? Do you want to create the life for your family you have always dreamed of? This 8 Week Intensive is for any parent who is highly committed to making a change and establishing a strong homeschool for their family or leveling up their current homeschool situation.



  • Weekly Private Coaching Call With Cohort
  • Private Cohort Forum
  • Homeschool + Parenting Resources
  • Family Audit + Pathway to a Healthy Home Guide
  • Curriculum University + Course Planning Guide
  • Direct Access to Expert Homeschoolers
Hey there!

I'm Jennifer.

Read my story  ➝

I started Reimagine Homeschooling with Kyle, my husband and best friend, to help families reimagine what homeschooling could like for them.
Homeschoolers typically need help in three ways- new homeschoolers need to know how to set up their homeschool, new and veteran homeschoolers sometimes need coaching and support, and lastly, every homeschooler (or parent for that matter) needs to be built up so they can then go and pour into their children. We exist to help in these three areas. We know it's possible to create the lifestyle you've always dreamed of for your family through the freedom that homeschooling provides and we want to help you realize this possibility for your family too. 
We have been homeschooling 9 years and have homeschooled all three of our children since kindergarten. We have found that homeschooling has been the best decision we have made for our family. It has allowed us to do what we want, it has given us freedom we wouldn't have had otherwise, and has created an atmosphere where we are all flourishing beyond our wildest imaginations.
I have lead and taught at different homeschool programs and most recently helped found two new homeschool support programs, one that grew to 400 students in just one year. For the last few years I have helped hundreds of families reimagine what homeschooling could like like for their family. 
It is a joy to help families realize and create a better situation for themselves where every member of the family gets to thrive and not just survive.


"This being our family's first year homeschooling, most everything seemed daunting. I was so overwhelmed with the amount of research and options. Reimagine Homeschooling's How To Homeschool Course was an absolute Godsend! The course encompasses all you need to know to set up your own homeschool. It's not only informative, but aids in your confidence as a parent to feel equipped to teach your children. The homeschool fundamentals are concise and clear and there are a plethora of examples and resources provided. It felt as if the course anticipated my questions before I asked them.

I would also highly recommend reaching out to Jen Labelle! She is knowledgeable, personable and is passionate about your family’s journey homeschooling!"

-Tamara, first time homeschool mom

"When I was getting started in homeschooling I felt lost and completely overwhelmed by all the curriculum choices. It seemed like such a daunting task to take on homeschooling my middle schooler. Jen came over and in 45 minutes I felt complete relief, peace, and confidence!"

-Kristi, from public school to homeschooling mom




Reimagine Homeschooling is here for every parent at every stage of their homeschool journey.
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